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Take Out (haiku)


a seagull scrounges   pokes through earth in search of lunch    grabs a morsel – leaves.


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Coaxing a write

    Not always easy to write a poem, particularly when one is wanted but doesn’t materialize.  Frustration ensues as too much pressure to produce on a regular basis is a sure fire way to not write something.  Writing poems seems to ebb and flow, Go through long periods where nothing and I mean nothing shows up on the page.  No inspiration, just perspiration:)  Then something clicks, and the words flow, and flow and flow!  Won’t stop.   Right now seem to be on the edge of a  flow coming on, though as the title here indicates, I’ve had to coax a write:)
   New form here: etheree… this one, a reversed etheree.   Consists of 10 lines.  In regular etheree, it’s 1 syllable first line, 2 the second, and so on until reaching line 10, where there is 10 syllables.  In reverse, this form starts with 10 syllables, and goes down to one. 
In the quietude of morning, I write
rise early, pen in hand — a rite.
Though words sometimes stick and lodge there
in a brain cell, so stubborn.
Scribble some nonsense words
jumpstart free flowing
thoughts to appear
on paper

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a drenching rain

        It has been raining on and off for the past two days, sometimes very intensely for brief periods though no lightning or thunder accompanies this.   Five minutes ago, there was another of these intense showers.  This is what I witnessed.
a sudden downpour
bounces on pavement – splashes
rain stops quick, sun shines.   

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Mighty Mice

    Written in response to the sounds of rodents in the walls all round scampering and scratching… early this morning … creepy;(   It is in the first draft stage, more changes likely to follow.
Within these walls
furred wild things
dart and dash, up and down
and all around;
they scoot and scramble,
claws scratch and grate,
raucous at 4 am, rattle nerves
and activate an imagination gone wild,
visualizing super-sized rodents that
knaw through drywall and wood

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Nine Eleven

     Grim anniversary today.  9 years ago 9/11 happened.  Horrendous.  
A kimo occurred this morning.  Debated on whether to write on this or not but it seemed it was meant to be.  Other than this poem, nothing else said or written.  Still difficult to remember, impacted far more than ever realized at the time. 
Nine Eleven
planes aimed at targets – precise, deliberate
by fanatics filled with fury —
planned pandemonium!

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  Discovered some poems in a folder that I’d completely forgotten about last evening.   After reading through them, it was evident they weren’t ready for public viewing though I suspect at the time of they were written possibly I thought they were:)  This is one of them that’s undergone revision.  It is in a new form to me….something known as kimo, a form of haiku, invented in Israel.  Three lines consisting of three lines, with 10 syllables first line, 7 in the next and 6 in the final one.
a leaf falls from an October tree,
hitches a ride on the breeze
before drifting to earth.

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      This tanka is untitled as many of my poems are.. titles do not come easy!  There are exceptions, but not many. 
Untitled for the moment
a kaleidoscope
of images vibrant clear
twirling and swirling
there in the imagination
free flowing and unhindered.

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