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Didn’t realize it’s been so long since I wrote on here, late January. Slack lol.
While I have written anything recently, doesn’t mean that I’ve not been reading and researching. On http://www.socionics.com/prof/infj.htm
I discovered that INFJs (am one of these) have a very characteristic dispassionate facial expression. Nor do INFJs show intense positive emotions! Yep, that would be me. Over the years, people have commented on my facial expressions, which can range apparently from mad to sad, and have been asked continually to smile more. Have always thought it was just something peculiar to me (perhaps even a family trait), being on the reserved side and not naturally someone who goes around grinning from ear to ear. Personally, I’m suspicious of anyone who goes around smiling constantly, wondering just how genuine is that person?? I’m sure that my expression has put off many a person over the years and reassurances that I’m neither mad nor sad were met with a good dose of skepticism. In recent times, with all the mass shootings that have occurred throughout the world, the shooters were often described afterward as loners with blank or angry countenances…I wondered, were people viewing me that same way??? As an introvert, I would most certainly be described as a ‘loner’ by extrovert’s standards. Were people considering me as someone with the potential for violence? That has crossed my mind many times while watching the news coverage of a mass shooting.
I’ve also found this video on YouTube in which this young women describes what it is like being an INFJ, including some physical characteristics of the INFJ:
Found much of what this young woman said very true of myself.
A number of other characteristics I found on the aforementioned site were also true of me, traits I’d always considered were just part of ‘being me’. INFJs observe people for some time before making contact and do not normally show initiative when make contact for the first time. Oh this is so true of me!!!!! Having had a number of rejections over the years when I’ve made the initial contact, have become very cautious and wary when contacting people.
More characteristics of INFJs next time.


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