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Sunday I visited with some people I know for a few hours and after a very short time chatting, it was painfully evident extroverts DO NOT get introverts even a smidgen. I’ll go one step further, some really do not believe introverts even exist. It was clear that the people I was socializing with believe that introverts are socially awkward and likely have a bit of Aspergers mixed in. In other words, introverts aren’t ‘normal’ like extroverts.
Of course, there was some conversation focused around someone they work with who I only know to see. An in-depth ‘analysis’ of the young woman was given and it seems highly likely from the description that she is an introvert. I began defending her, explaining what introversion consists of but I was immediately shut down by these extroverts who of course insisted this young woman is infinitely childish, and likely has some Aspergers. This was stated emphatically by one of those present, who stared at me with a smug smirk playing at her lips. Being highly sensitive as well as an INFJ, I knew exactly what she was thinking…I’m exactly the same way. My face no doubt had the introvert’s characteristic passive bland expression giving the impression I had no idea she was implying I have the same ‘problem’. That is so wrong it’s laughable! I did indeed get her implied meaning. If I were truly Aspergers of any degree, I might have totally missed this subtle dig. Although this person making the diagnosis thinks she knows what she is talking about, she is seriously mistaken. While there are some characteristics of Aspergers and introverts which appear similar, there are distinct differences between them that only medical professionals can definitively determine. Under no circumstances should someone who has a degree in business and history be ‘diagnosing’ Aspergers!!! As far as I know, she’s never even taken an introductory psychology course. Unfortunately, this young woman seems to think she needs to ‘show her smarts’ to everyone … the question she needs to ask herself is ‘why do I feel the need to show everyone how much smarter I am than they are?’. The need to feel superior suggests a serious problem. I won’t diagnose, though, as I don’t have a medical degree nor have I ever taken an intro psychology course;)
What is the way to show extroverts that introverts are not some kind of misfits, gullible, possibly slow witted, etc etc? Unfortunately, some extroverts will not be convinced otherwise: perhaps it suits extroverts to think of introverts as ‘unsocial loners’ as that way these unconvinced ones can think how much better I am than they are. I do have hope that extroverts can, after some education’ begin to understand how introverts think and behave in any number of situations.


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