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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about introversion:) it’s a subject that’s of great interest since I am one and my aim continues to be how to educate extroverts about introverts. There’s a lot of misinformation about what an introvert is and is not. Extroverts seem unable to communicate with us as they’re using extroverted techniques that won’t work. I’ve been told ‘just put a smile on your face and talk to people’…I’ve tried explaining to extroverts that it doesn’t work that way for me. Typical extrovert responses have been 1) discount my explanation 2) just shake their head implying I’ve got problems:( (to me, they’ve got a problem – intolerance of any other way of being other than extroverted!). Came across this article on communicating with an introvert…it is NOT difficult! Main thing to remember, don’t try social small talk, it irritates the daylights out of us! Try something that you heard on the news, read in the newspaper or a book…the arts, history, the origins of the universe;)
http://www.suite101.com/content/how-introverts-communicate-a36558 Hope this is of use to someone out there! Researching further on introverts and communication and found this:)
http://www.carlkingcreative.com/10-myths-about-introverts has good tips on communicating with introverts
And then there are these articles on the introvert in the workplace: not specifically on communication with introverts in the workplace. Gives excellent descriptions of what a typical introvert in the office behaves like…laughed as it describes me to a tee!!!


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