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What drains you?

 Events happening worldwide over the past several months have slowly and surely been draining this introvert.  The daily news is filled with violence: heinous terrorist acts, police and mass shootings.  Even if it is not happening locally, it does have an effect on those of us who are extra sensitive. Those images stick in the mind and I don’t relish the idea that they might turn up in nightmares.  We introverts mull things over in our minds constantly so hearing all these reports of heinous acts get added to the mix. 

Merely cutting back on how much news I watch really doesn’t reduce the effect that much.  The news is not just on television or radio, it is also on the internet.  It’s not only the news though. I also pick up energy of all sorts daily through interactions with other people: positive, neutral and negative energy. Too much interaction of any kind for too long drains us.  If it happens to be negative, well that compounds the effect.   As a result, the cumulative effect of the seemingly constant stream of negativity  and the overstimulation by too much social interaction have drained me.  Have noticed a difference for a while, a bit more edgy, not as positive.  Realized how much negativity I have been absorbing over a period of time and it has not been healthy.

I turned to Dr. Judith Orloff’s book “Positive Energy 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions for Transforming Fatigue Stress & Fear into Vibrance, Strength & Love”    I came across a line in this book that described how I’ve been feeling: “a train roaring through my body screaming something is off.”  That was it exactly.

  In “Positive Energy”,   Dr. Orloff developed a program consisting of 10 prescriptions:

  • Awaken Intuition and rejuvenate yourself
  • Find a nurturing spiritual path
  • design an energy aware approach to diet, exercise, and health
  • Generate positive emotional energy to counter negativity
  • Develop a heart-centred sexuality
  • Open yourself to the flow of creativity and inspiration
  • Celebrate the sacredness of laughter, pampering, and the replenishment of retreat.
  • Attract positive people and situations
  • Protect yourself from energy vampires
  • Create abundance

My strategy is to work through these prescriptions.  Not in numerical order but instead focusing on those which are most important right now: awakening intuition and rejuvenate yourself, generate positive emotional energy to counter negativity, then to celebrate the sacredness of laughter, pampering, and the replenishment of retreat.

   Intuition is a direct line to our life force and divine intelligence.  While reading through this chapter, recognized I’ve been paying only lip service to intuition, ignoring my own energy.  What energy am I giving off?  Some negativity detected.  Our intuition is the language of energy and it’s job is to know every nuance of what makes us tick.  It’s a master at reading vibes informing us what gives positive energy and what is draining us.  Intuition evaluates who we meet, where we go, what we do daily, job, hobbies, family and current events.  Distractions can lead us astray, the pressures to need to know, be someone other than who we are, want to be and result in disconnecting in some areas or maybe all areas.  Yes it can.  Can also reconnect.

       Next post will cover Reading Energy 

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