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Back again

Despite my belief that probably I was done with this blog on introversion, this seems not to be the case.  There a number of blogs on the subject now and there are many more resources for introverts available.  There was little available when I began this blog.  Wondered what more can I possibily write on the subject?  

 Maybe I am not done with this blog after all.  Within the last two weeks, I’ve added two followers.  There’s some interest in what I have to say in my posts even though it’s from quite sometime ago. That’s encouragement to continue!  There are the other followers who maybe are still waiting for me to begin again. Well hopefully they are;)  Hopefully I can add some more followers?

     I will be blogging at least once a week,  maybe twice though not sure which day(s) yet.  It feels good to be back:)


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